Living With Smelly Goats

He is more annoying than he looks
He is more annoying than he looks

There’s always going to be something that pushes your buttons… or smashes the buttons with a hammer and rams the pieces into your eyeballs.

But with regular meditation you will get better at realising when your mind is spinning out. Noticing that your thoughts are racing to oblivion gives you a bit of room to shift your perspective.

That’s where the goat comes in…

There’s an old parable about a poor farmer. He’s got six children, everyone’s living on top of each other, they’ve poor and arguing all the time. The farmer finds a quiet moment and asks God for help…

Bring a goat into your home”, says God.

So the farmer bought a goat and introduced it into his small house. The goat peed in the farmer’s shoes, kept everyone awake at night and was unbearably smelly.

After a few weeks of chaos the farmer was beside himself and asked God to help him again…

“Remove the goat”, says God.

The farmer removed the goat and found peace again.

Things could always be worse. You could still be in that terrible relationship, or be in hospital with raging toothache. Or be living with a smelly goat.

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