Cheesy Language

We camembert cheesy language

Meditation language can be off-puttingly cheesy. Wince-inducing phrases such as “self-compassion” and “awakened heart” make us flinch and, even worse – “loving-kindness”. Waffly terms like these are bandied about quite a bit, making what is a very good idea downright embarrassing.

The good idea

If you meditate for more than a few seconds it will become clear that you’re talking to yourself almost constantly. And most of what you say to yourself is unpleasant and half the time you don’t even notice this is happening. Meditation makes this bad habit really obvious and allows you to spot when you’re making yourself miserable. Then you can choose to ditch the cruel mental chatter and replace those thoughts with kinder, more helpful ones. If describing this as “loving kindness” makes you cringe, we can recommend someone who’s as troubled by cheesy language as we are. We like him so much we recommend him in our book, My Mind Won’t Shut Up, Meditation For People Who Don’t Meditate.

Do you know Dan Harris?

We are delighted to see that Dan Harris, one of our all-time favourite meditation writers is taking on this tricky area for his new book. If anyone can get you past this hurdle it’s him. Click here to listen to him talking about “Embracing the Cheese!” We’re right behind you Dan!

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