Cheesy Language

Meditation language can be off-puttingly cheesy. Wince-inducing phrases such as “self-compassion” and “awakened heart” make us flinch and, even worse – “loving-kindness”. Waffly terms like these are bandied about quite a bit, making what is a very good idea downright embarrassing. The good idea… If you meditate for more than a few seconds it will become clear that you’re talking to yourself almost constantly. And most of what you say to yourself is unpleasant andContinue reading “Cheesy Language”

Fuck It

We get it – sometimes you’d rather pick the peas from the back of the freezer than meditate You’ve got stuff to do!  A company to run,  a house to organise and lies to tell your children. You don’t have to feel like it to meditate. Yep, you in your ‘oh fuck this I’d rather unclog the drains’ state is ideal because if you waited for a window where you feel calm, motivated and serene,Continue reading “Fuck It”

We’re the No1 Book To See You Through 2021 – says Metro

Metro asked us for some advice about New Year resolutions, and kept in the swearing, which we enjoyed. They also listed as the No1 book to get you through 2021, which was nice!

My Mind Won’t Shut Up! Meditation for people with short attention spans. Our book’s out now!

You can buy our book at all good bookshops – there guys are especially nice.

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