Cheesy Language

Meditation language can be off-puttingly cheesy. Wince-inducing phrases such as “self-compassion” and “awakened heart” make us flinch and, even worse – “loving-kindness”. Waffly terms like these are bandied about quite a bit, making what is a very good idea downright embarrassing. The good idea… If you meditate for more than a few seconds it will become clear that you’re talking to yourself almost constantly. And most of what you say to yourself is unpleasant andContinue reading “Cheesy Language”

My Mind Won’t Shut Up! Meditation for people with short attention spans. Our book’s out now!

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A Really Interesting But Often Overlooked Aspect Of Consciousness…

Hold on to your didgeridoo, we’re going to talk about the open nature of consciousness… er, what? Come on in, it’s not that scary

Living With Smelly Goats

There’s always going to be something that pushes your buttons… or smashes the buttons with a hammer and rams the pieces into your eyeballs. But with regular meditation you will get better at realising when your mind is spinning out. Noticing that your thoughts are racing to oblivion gives you a bit of room to shift your perspective. That’s where the goat comes in… There’s an old parable about a poor farmer. He’s got sixContinue reading “Living With Smelly Goats”

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