He can also lean back!

Don’t Panic – it’s not Lotus position!

If you’re thinking of crossed-legged yoga positions you can relax. All you need is a stable sitting position, something you can maintain for 20 minutes without slumping. A straight-backed chair or sofa that gives you some support is perfect. Your spine should be straight but not rigid – relaxed but alert is what you’re aiming for. Lying down isn’t great as it could lead to snoring and drooling.

Putting a cushion on your lap for your hands to rest on works well because your arms tend to pull forward and this gives them somewhere to rest.

If you’ve got any sore spots of injuries, adjust and support yourself accordingly.

Eyes open or closed?

Either is fine. Some people find closing their eyes help them to focus but if you don’t like it, no worries – keep them open, but try to keep your gaze soft. Don’t get too interested in what you’re looking at. You don’t want to be wishing you’d painted the room a different colour or feel concerned for unwatered plants.

You’re good to go!

Some very simple meditations you might want to try are Breathing or Positive Connection.