About Us

We’re sisters – sturdy-legged, chip-scoffing Glaswegians. 

We’re not monks or gurus – we’re Scottish! And we don’t do yoga on the beach.

Why did we write My Mind Won’t Shut Up?

We looked for engaging, real-life stuff about meditation but couldn’t find much. Most of it is New-Agey, quite serious or panpipe-heavy. We don’t think you should have to wade through all that woolly stuff to get to the practical, useful things that actually help.

We think meditation should be for everyone. We all have difficult families, money worries, weird obsessions and addictions. Meditation is a goldmine of mental skills to help you tackle all of that stuff.

What’s in it for you?

We will post stuff on our blog that shows how meditating can make you happier, kinder and less prone to emotional wobbles. We also have no-bullshit guides on: why do it, basic meditation exercises, posture, getting distracted and pointers to good resources out there.

We pledge not to post pictures of beautiful people cross-legged on mountain tops. There won’t be anything religious in here, either. Or crystals.

Talk to us!

Let’s get an honest, conversation going about what meditation is –  and what it can, and can’t do. Email us here. We also have Facebook, Twitter and Instagram You can sign up to follow our blog and get notification emails too, if you fancy.

What we’ve been doing…

Marion Williamson is an author and editor.  She’s written four books about self-development and for ten years she edited Prediction, the UK’s first Mind, Body, Spirit magazine. Read more about Marion or Twitter .

Linda Williamson is a project manager for the NHS in London and learned to meditate 20 years ago. She’s been on oodles of courses and retreats and reads heaps of meditation books but still regularly locks herself out of her flat.

Us ages ago, probably Benidorm

Our next book is a handy guide to death and dying.

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